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Last Night I went to Watts…

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment
Last night I went to a church in Watts to deliver a carload of balls and art sets that will be handed out to the children for Christmas. 

The first time I ever visited Watts was two years ago as part of a 5-day/4-night mission trip. That’s a whole other story. Needless to say, at that time, I was terrified of the idea of going to Watts. Visiting Watts was literally on my Top 10 List of Things I Don’t Want to Do. Jumping out of an airplane, being burned to death, and drowning to death were also in that same top 10. On our team’s last night in Watts we walked through the neighborhood to get to a local restaurant that had food to die for – pun intended. As our team of mostly white people walked the streets, I felt kind of like we were a militia in a foreign land and the enemy was lurking behind any one of the windows on either side of us. I thought for sure that at any moment we would be fired upon and would have to duck or run for cover.

We did make it to and from the restaurant without a shot being fired. Read more…
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Christmas – 2000 Years of Revolution [*]

December 12, 2005 Leave a comment


NativityIn a couple weeks, I will be celebrating Christmas for the umpteenth consecutive year. I have gone to Church my whole life and have heard the Christmas Story about a hundred times. I have personally been involved in a number of stage performances where we read passages, sang songs, and acted out scenes. Even if you are like me and have heard the story countless times, I invite you to read the story again, with a fresh set of eyes.

Ancient History

The bulk of the Christmas story is told in two books of the Bible, Matthew and Luke, and is actually spread across approximately three years time. Often we are told the story as though it all happened on one night, but that is neither true nor even very important when you get right down to it. The story really begins in the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, and is brought up again and again as the Old Testament (one of two major divisions of the Bible) prophesies the coming of a Savior, someone that will redeem the whole world from every wrong, past, present, and future. Some of the words used to describe the “Savior” include “Lord”, “Christ”, “King”, and “Messiah”. Some passages of the Bible describe the Savior as though he is a great conqueror, one that will undo all existing kingdoms and turn them to ruin.

At the time that the Christmas Story takes place, the Israelites, God’s chosen people, were living under the rule of Rome. The Romans had conquered most of the known world, mostly by slaughtering and devastating all living things that stood in their way. The Roman Empire was so huge that it’s capital (Rome) was simply too far away from most places to really be seen as a force. To compensate for this, there were governors, sometimes referred to as kings, that ruled over various territories. These kings had nearly sovereign power within their territory, but they ultimately had to answer to the Caesar, the supreme ruler of the empire. Read more…