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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

April 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I did an unusual thing this morning. I drove to work and then had my morning quiet time with God. So there I was sitting in the driver seat of my yellow hatchback near the edge of a parking lot that is sandwiched between a strawberry field and a quarter-mile-wide warehouse in an industrial section of Irvine. I started by praying about the news I expect from one of my bosses today. You see, I learned last week from one of my other bosses than we should be expecting news of more lay-offs in our department today. In fact, last Wednesday, some good people I know were let go from their position in another department, with very little warning. At least I was given a heads up. I am told that no matter what happens, I should expect at the very least to be asked to take a “vacation” in April. After praying this morning I opened my Bible and found myself in Ecclesiastes 5. Among other things, this passage talks about how God is in Heaven and we are here on Earth. Our words are senseless chatter in comparison to His limitless wisdom. Therefore, my words should be few as I stand in awe of Him. Read more…