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Shut Up and Listen [*]

June 4, 2010 Leave a comment

7-11 SidewalkFor those that don’t already know, I had to experience another one of those really rough patches of life these past two weeks. It was one of those “If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger” kinds of experiences. So, during that time, I took a two-week break from serving with the Broken Hearts Ministry team to focus on my “rough patch”, focus on God, and rest.

My “rough patch” came to a formal close, at least for now, last Wednesday. Since then, I have been processing my feelings and considering my options for life moving forward. My feelings have mostly been a mix of sadness, frustration, anger, and joy. My options have focused around my kids and ministry. Even as I write this, I have many things pending a resolution. It was a little bit of a surprise then that I received an email yesterday morning from Antquan Washington, the leader of Broken Hearts, encouraging me to deliver the sermon that night on the streets of Hollywood. He specifically suggested that I share something about what I have been experiencing these past few weeks. It wasn’t long before God and I had worked out a rough outline including scriptural references for the sermon I would give.

The title for the sermon we came up with was “The Voice of God: Shut Up and Listen”. One key verse came from the book of Psalms:

“Be still, and know that I am God;” (Psalm 46:10a NIV)

I was the first member of our team to arrive at the intersection of Santa Monica and Highland last night and was joined a few minutes later by Antquan. Apparently, the remaining members of the team were either not coming or were running late so Antquan and I prayed briefly and then headed across the street to the Donut Shop to mingle. I didn’t recognize many people and most people we met were stoned and/or drunk. I wasn’t sure how to initiate a conversation or with whom (yup! even after all these years, I still lose my tongue sometimes), so I prayed, repeatedly, “God help me. What should I say? Who should I talk to?”

While praying, I observed the comings and goings around me. Among other things, I watched one man sell $5 worth of “medicinal” marijuana to another fellow who immediately stepped outside to smoke it. At one point, I took a break from praying to ask no one in particular how the Lakers game had went. I got several replies but that also instigated a minor scuffle between two Celtics fans and everyone else. Right in the middle of it all, one man pulled out his pocket knife, waived it around, and said something like “We’ll see who’s really boss around here.” At that, I went back to praying. Read more…


Science Proves God Can’t Exist

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment
A few weeks ago I was browsing my local video store when I stumbled upon a DVD entitled “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel. I had never read or watched any of his work before but I had heard positive things about him, so I picked it up and took a closer look. The price was really good and the synopsis on the back of the box sounded good so I bought it. I just wasn’t sure how long it would be before I got around to watching it. After all, documentaries are not exactly a Saturday night popcorn and kids kind of movie. When I got home I set the bag containing the unwrapped DVD on a shelf. That’s where it sat untouched for several weeks. Read more…

Letting Go

April 8, 2006 Leave a comment

My parents have raised my brothers and I to be independent people. That was somewhat intentional but also somewhat unavoidable. Although both of my parents had jobs, our family had very little money. That meant that they could hardly afford a sitter but also couldn’t be home with us themselves. That left my brothers and I lots of time to roam the neighborhood and get into all sorts of trouble. We were allowed to make our own mistakes and were forced to deal with the consequences on our own.

By independent, I do not mean that I do not rely on other people. I mean that I can make do on my own and adjust to new situations better than many people I know. However, I am aware of my own limitations as well as my desire to connect with other people.

I moved to Orange County nearly two years ago. Prior to the move, I had been married for quite a while and had allowed many relationships to drift away so that I could focus on my family. I did maintain a handful of friendships but made no effort to create new ones. When I moved to OC, I was suddenly without my friends and shortly thereafter was without my wife. That made my two kids my new best friends. I am still re-learning how to make new friends and have actually made a stronger effort to stay in touch with some of my long-distance friends but, for the most part, have been content to just spend as much quality time with my kids as possible. Read more…

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