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Stubbornness and Death [*]

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

I recently went to the doctor for a routine cancer checkup, not because I am paranoid or because I currently have cancer, but because it’s the wise thing to do when you have battled cancer before like I have. My doctor is what is called a “Doctor of Osteopathy” or simply a “DO”. In a nutshell, a DO is a doctor who doesn’t just treat the symptoms but instead treats the whole patient. Since my cancer had been in my throat and my throat is now easily agitated, my doctor, once again, asked me about my drinking habits. Specifically, he asked me about my coffee consumption because he knows that I am a coffee addict and because coffee can upset my stomach enough to cause acids to rise into my throat. It doesn’t take a DO (or MD or rocket scientist) to figure out that acid probably isn’t good for my throat. When I effectively told him that nothing had changed and that I was still consuming multiple cups per day, he went on to give me the same old speech about how I need to change my ways… blah, blah, blah. Read more…