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The Warmest Day [**]

April 27, 2009 Leave a comment
Ever kept a secret you shouldn’t have? Perhaps it was a secret about something you did or wanted to do that you didn’t want others to know about. Perhaps it was something someone else did that you knew was wrong. Often times we are tempted to keep these things hidden deep inside, especially after we have lied about them! Once we lie about something, the truth is locked away like an encrypted launch code for a nuclear rocket. A lot of internal red tape is required to decrypt it. Even when you want to tell the truth, your pride may forbid you from doing so, causing an inner battle. Read more…

Playing with Fire [***]

October 12, 2008 Leave a comment

When I was younger, between the ages of 7 and 10, I was fascinated by fire. I think I encountered fire for the first time when my grandmother allowed me to play with her large magnifying glass in the backyard. I am not sure if someone else showed me how to focus the sunlight in such a way as to cause intense heat or if I discovered it by accident, but I was quickly hooked. There was a steady supply of large ants and dry grass in her yard so I had a lot of fun burning things but also managed to avoid causing any significant damage. Over time, I discovered matches, the stove, and fireworks. Read more…