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A Day in Court [**]

June 24, 2009 Leave a comment
A few years back, I was involved in a drawn out court case. I routinely had to visit the courthouse to get paperwork, submit paper work, appear before the judge, etc. The case involved lawyers, dockets, calendars, bailiffs and all the other stuff you might know about court cases. What you may or may not know is that, unlike what you see on television and movies, court trials and hearings and all that, more often than not, are boring at best and frustrating at worst. My case was extremely frustrating for both sides. There was lots of hurry up and wait and a plethora of disappointment. 

One day I headed to the courthouse with a stack of about 30 or so papers that I needed to file with the clerk. Having been through the experience a few times before, I braced myself for a 30 to 90 minute wait in a slow moving line surrounded by other equally frustrated people. This is not my ideal way to spend the afternoon. So, even though I was just dropping off papers, I was already very tense and stressed. Read more…

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