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Eidolon Forest (Part 1) [**]

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment
In the beginning, the Maker created an enormous forest and He called it Eidolon. He created the trees and bushes, the streams and rivers, and the hills and the valleys. He populated Eidolon with many kinds of animals: birds, foxes, bears, rabbits, fish, and more. In the early days, the Maker walked among the animals of Eidolon teaching them how to live and how to benefit the most from the forest and from each other. The Maker commanded some of the animals to write down his words in the Book. All animals that lived according to the ways of the Book prospered. As the number of animals increased, the Maker walked among them less often. His plan was that the younger animals would learn from the Book and the older animals. As time progressed and the animals of Eidolon continued to multiply, many of the animals forgot about the Maker and his Book. They heard stories about Him and His Book but believed them to be just that, stories. 

During the ancient days of Eidolon, the animals had needed to rely on the Maker for guidance in everything from farming to clothing. They also needed instructions about right and wrong. During the later times that the animals referred to as the “progressive era” or “modern times”, the animals relied mostly on themselves. In those times, the animals chose to do things their own way and in their own time without guidance from the Maker. Some remembered the Maker and His Book and turned to Him for guidance, but these animals were small in number and were often made fun of for being “old fashioned” or “narrow minded”. Some of the ancient traditions established by the Maker, like marriage and observing a weekly day of rest, carried on independently of the Maker, but most were abandoned in favor of more progressive ideas. Read more…