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The Value of an Angry Drunk Man

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment
Antquan in the Parking Lot Church

Antquan in the Parking Lot Church

I like pretty women and I really enjoy talking with them. Angry drunk men on the other hand are generally not quite as enjoyable for me. It should come as no surprise then that when I encountered two such drunken men last Thursday night I didn’t think my evening was getting off to a good start.

When I arrived on the streets of Hollywood last Thursday to meet up with the rest of the Broken Hearts Ministry team I quickly encountered a drunken man stumbling down the sidewalk toward me. He was so wobbly that he had to use the wall of the buildings to his left to keep from falling. I made eye contact with him as we approached each other and he seemed to have enough sense to fall onto a windowsill before I passed, presumably to avoid falling on me. As I passed him we made eye contact again and I smiled but we did not exchange words. After I had passed I heard him shout something angrily at me but I could not make out his words over the sounds of the rushing cars. Seconds later I met up with the team… who was being told a thing or two by a second drunk man. Read more…


The Beaver and the Rabbit

April 6, 2009 Leave a comment

A young beaver named Bennie made up in his mind to work hard and to gain many riches and possessions for himself. When he was old enough, Bennie became an employee of a dam building company that greatly admired his work ethic. Bennie worked more than any of the other employees, almost 45 hours per week! He hardly even stopped to rest or eat! About the only thing that Bennie did besides work was shop! When Bennie first left his parents’ home, he had to rent a room in someone else’s house and he could only afford the essentials like bath towels, clothes, shoes, and food. As time wore on, Bennie increased his work time to 50 hours per week and his employer rewarded him with more money. With this, Bennie was able to buy bigger and nicer things like a used motorcycle and a portable music player. Eventually he was even able to move into an apartment of his own. The apartment was very small of course but it was all his. As the years passed, Bennie’s employer decided to make him the Supervisor. This meant a lot more responsibility but also a lot more money. Bennie now had to work 60 hours per week, but he didn’t mind because now he could afford a large apartment, a brand new car, and a wireless phone that could play music and surf the Internet! Bennie didn’t spend all of his money though. He saved a small amount of it each week in a special place. After many years, he had saved enough money to start his own dam building company! He bought all the necessary supplies, hired many employees, and even hired an advertising agency to handle his marketing. As owner of the company, Bennie had a lot of things to do like patrolling construction sites, signing paychecks, and firing unsafe employees. He had so many duties as the owner that he now had to work over 80 hours per week. Since Bennie was a hard worker and was very focused on his company, his company started making lots of money, millions in fact! Bennie became the richest beaver in the whole forest. He bought a ridiculously over-sized seven-bedroom house that included a garage large enough to store his eight cars. He bought the nicest clothes and ate only the best food. He bought a sail boat, a motor home, and a private jet. Bennie had everything he had ever hoped to gain. There was just one thing missing, but Bennie didn’t know what it was. Eventually, Bennie began to grow old and was unable to work as often as he wanted to. That gave him more time to shop and play with his “toys” but he was often too tired for those things too. When Bennie was very old and starting to get sick, he had to stop working and sell his company to another beaver. By this time, he just didn’t have enough energy to enjoy any of the things he had bought for himself. Nor did he have the energy, or even the desire, to buy more stuff. Bennie spent most of his last days and nights alone in his huge house staring at his huge television while lying in his huge bed. When he had reached a certain age, Bennie died. Since he had no wife or children, Bennie’s home and all of his possessions were given to his nieces and nephews and their children. Sadly, Bennie didn’t know any of these relatives because he had spent most of his life working. On the day of his funeral, not one animal came to attend. Read more…